How iDrive Began

In 2019, when co-owner Mike was thinking about how Formula One drivers use simulators to improve their driving. He thought, if it’s good enough for them, then learner drivers must be able to do the same. So, he started researching the idea.


The French Connection

Mike soon discovered that in France, it is mandatory to start learning to drive on a simulator. You actually need to complete 10 hours of simulator training before getting behind the wheel of a car! There are similar laws in the UAE, Europe and certain states of America. Mike then came across ECA Group who designed and manufactured state of the art driving simulators that have been developed alongside the aerospace industry. The software used on the simulators was developed in partnership with Nottingham University, and to Mike and Lynn’s surprise, the program was already built for use on UK roads!


Safer Roads

After 2 years of covid-19 restrictions Mike and Lynn made the trip to France to visit the factory. This was the first time they experienced the simulator themselves! From there, they decided that learner drivers young and old in the United Kingdom would benefit from learning to drive simulator training.


First of it's kind

Mike and Lynn ordered three simulators and prepared to set up the first of its kind driving school in the UK. With an ethos that driving instructors will never be replaced, but simulator training is a great foundation for beginners learning to drive. Budding learner drivers who want to get ahead before they are 17, those who don’t have access to a car between lessons, or for nervous drivers who are too scared to get straight on the busy roads of today. Our learn to drive simulator is great supplementary training, we aim to work with driving instructors to create safer drivers and roads!


Jump in one of our state of the art driving simulators

Safe driver training starts with iDrive simulators. Developed alongside the aerospace industry that uses innovative software created by Nottingham University.

Better Pass Rate With IDrive

Driver training scenarios are designed to harbour a large number of learning occasions in a short period of time. This will make training more intense. But make you a better driver when you hit the road.

Save £££ From Day 1

The average person takes 45 hours plus practice to pass their test. That’s around £1600 pounds just for lessons! Simulator driving first will reduce costs, drastically.

Safety First, Before Driving On The Road

We will make you crash! (on the sim of course) but because of that you will be more aware of situations and better equipped to deal with them. Hopefully, saving you from an actual accident.

Build Confidence

Learning to drive in a safe and controlled environment will give you confidence and awareness as you become accustomed to what is going on around you when in a vehicle on the road. Learn this essential skill on our simulators, making you a better driver.

Experience a variety of conditions

Learning with our simulators will expose you to lots of driver scenarios and weather conditions. Training with iDrive will give you experience before you’ve even hit the open road.

Greener Driver Training

Learning in a simulator is the greenest way to learn to drive. Not only are our simulators putting out zero emissions but there is also no tyre, clutch wear, no fluids or pretty much anything being used. So much better for the environment!

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If you have any questions about our driver training simulator sessions and how our simulators work, we would love to hear from you.

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